A simple analysis of the similarities between prime and BTC

Algorithmic currency is very popular recently, except prime(https://primematrix.io/). In addition to base, ESD, BAC, and so on, the 10 times increase of base stimulates many people’s nerves.

Grab the job of the organization with users

The popularity of prime is based on the consensus that users participate in. If prime can gather enough users and last long enough, then prime will build a strong network value. Don’t you think it is very similar to BTC’s value building?

It has been 10 years since BTC was ignored at the beginning to its strong consensus. However, prime has only been a few months away, and there is still a long way to go. However, after a short period of development, prime has begun to take shape, and its rhythm is relatively fast. Some people call prime the fast forward version of BTC.

Face up to the challenge

Some people say that algorithmic currency is a game, and no one cares what it is. However, asking MakerDAO about algorithmic currency is like asking for Gold: bitcoin will replace gold. What do you think? It is good to have doubts, which shows that prime has entered the vision of many people so that prime can gather more users’ consensus. Just like BTC, after 10 years, there are still many people questioning it, and every big query is propaganda for BTC. The questions prime is facing now have happened to BTC before.

Here, I would like to share my views:

1. Ten years ago, when Nakamoto Congfa was prime, prime is now the strongest consensus;

2. Btcer has always said that when the price is low and the market value is low, it cannot be used for payment. When the market value is large enough, it is a good payment tool. In fact, prime is such a principle;

3. BTC has such a large market value because it has the strongest consensus. Now prime also has such a consensus;

4. The essence of money is the high value after a strong consensus.

From this point of view, Prime’s growth path today is similar to BTC’s; it pays silently to solve the pain points, and overcomes difficulties in the face of doubts With the development of prime, it will be able to grow into a huge existence like BTC one day in the future, which will be a brand new market reform!